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I could do the research myself. Why should we subscribe?
Of course you could scour websites and other directories but the Funding Alert subscription will save you time and effort as we do the work for you!
What information will I receive?
You will receive details of each funding opportunity with submission dates and application information.
How and when will I receive it?
You will receive your alert by email that has an attachment containing the latest funding opportunities. You will receive the alert every Monday morning.
How extensive is the information?
We work hard to ensure that we secure details of as many funding opportunities as possible. Although we are able to capture most information we can't gurantee that we will locate and publish all funding opportunities.
What levels of government do you cover?
We cover commonwealth, State and local government funding opportunities. Sometimes we publish details of non-government funding sources too!
What are the costs?
A 12 month subscription costs $600 (Ex GST).
What are the payment options?
You can pay by credit card (MasterCard and VISA), by cheque or EFT.
How many people in my organisation will receive the "alerts"?
Up to 5 people. That includes the Account administrator and four other users.
Can you help us write funding applications?
We could but we don't, as it would cause a conflict of interest.
Can you provide feedback on our funding applications?
Yes we are happy to do that. A fee would be charged based upon the size of your application.
Can we specify a search criteria?
You can specify what geographical areas you wish to focus on. Our experience suggests that specifying any further search criteria may result in you overlooking an opportunity.
Can we add or remove people from the list of those receiving the "alert"?
Yes. The account administrator may add or delete users at any time. You can have up to four users in addition to the account administrator.
Who can make changes to our account details?
Only the nominated account administrator. Users are unable to make changes. This is to ensure that you have control over who receives the alerts and your organisation's information.
What happens when our subscription is about to expire?
You will be notified by us about 6 weeks before your subscription expires which will give you plenty of time to renew and ensure you don't miss out on receiving any alerts.
Why aren't I receiving the "alert" anymore?
The most likely reason is that your subscription has expired or if you are a user, your account administrator may have removed you. If neither of those things are correct, contact us immediately on 1300 212 212 and we will fix the problem.
How quick can I gain access to the "alerts"?
You will receive the first alert on the Monday after we receive your subscription payment.
My question isn't answered here. Now what?
Contact our office on 1300 212 212 and we will provide whatever assistance you need.
What is the Funding Alert?
It is an online subscription service that provides details of government, philanthropic trust and corporate sponsorship funding opportunities.